Smart growth is good for jobs

Smart growth creates jobs and helps better connect workers with employers. Whether in construction, transportation or as a result of private development and an improved business climate, smart growth leads to accessible job opportunities for workers of all skill levels.

Smart growth helps workers get to jobs.
While some workers take their commutes for granted, access to transportation is a major hurdle for many who need to reach a job. Locating more homes near jobs, locating more jobs in existing communities and providing better transportation options between the two can create accessible job opportunities where previously there were none. A number of studies have even found that improving access to public transportation lowers unemployment while also solving labor shortages, helping individual families and helping the economy function better.

Smart growth creates more jobs per dollar invested.
Public investment in smart growth projects like transit or road and bridge repairs creates thousands of long-term, high paying jobs in industries that foster stronger regional economies. These investments also create more jobs per dollar spent than new infrastructure built out at the fringe of a community. Not only that, but for every 10 jobs created by public transportation projects, six more jobs are created elsewhere making smart growth a superb investment of public funds.

Smart growth jobs are good, green jobs.
Jobs created by smart growth investments are more likely to be medium-wage – as opposed to low-wage – and provide employment opportunities for workers without a college degree.

Smart growth means adopting new, green and low-impact development technologies for that conserve water, energy and materials while reducing stormwater runoff and pollution. These new technologies and methods can also serve as engines of a growing 21st century economy that will require a substantial amount of both skilled and unskilled labor in the coming years.