Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute offers workshops, assistance and tools to help states and communities seeking to implement smart growth strategies. The Institute supports leaders with training programs and resources, helps state and local governments develop smart growth implementation strategies, and provides the necessary tools and technical assistance to help leaders move their communities from visions to plans to execution.

State and local leaders – elected, administrative, civic, and business leaders – play an important role in how our communities grow and develop. Smart Growth America’s Leadership Institute is dedicated to helping these leaders create livable, sustainable, and vital communities by providing the technical resources to design and implement effective “home grown” smart growth strategies. We believe that plans, policies, codes and regulations should help rebuild local economies; encourage healthier neighborhoods; promote quality investments; eliminate red-tape; provide incentives to level the playing field for developers; foster active citizenship; and, safeguard the future for our children.

The best community leaders have long-term vision and the necessary people skills and know-how that will motivate their community and inspire citizenship. These leaders can leverage the demands of future growth and build a strong economy to help shape great neighborhoods and great states. We also believe that leadership can be learned and that learners make the best leaders.

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